Monday, May 14, 2007

5 Reasons I Blog

Liana tagged me with the 5 reasons I blog meme (what kinda word is that anyway?) in hopes that I’d come back. Fortunately I’d already made that decision, but I appreciate her efforts to bring me back into the fold. It shows that someone actually thinks what I write is worthwhile – but I must ask: why?


1) Cathartic. Where else can you bitch to a seemingly unknown audience who’ll chime in with you about the pressures I’ve been undergoing.

2) Self aggrandizing. Come on now. Who doesn’t think that they’re writing some masterful post every now and then and come back over and over again to see who’s commented. It makes me feel important – like a dictator.

3) Good way to waste time. Honestly I never thought I’d become a blogger. But now I’m hooked. I hate missing people’s new posts and feel bad about not updating if I go a few days. It’s a good release from studying.

4) Historical. Ironically since I’ve lost my first 1.5 years worth of material I still find that blogging is a good way to keep track of events in your life. I’ll go through this once and looking back has always been a way to remember how much I’ve progressed. I know I’ll look back at the posts about OB/GYN and laugh. Just not right now.

5) Good way to feel connected. In a kinda sad way blogging has made me less introverted. I have people that I enjoy “talking to” through posts, comments, e-mails. I’ve thought about the possibility of asking for housing assistance during interview season with the very minute amount of authors whom I’m aware of where they live. I don’t think I would, but it’s kind of nice to know that there’s already a connection with these people, despite our differences. It’s also a great way to lose the physical prejudices we all have and just enjoy someone for being themselves.

So there you have it. I’m not going to tag anyone. I know you’re all breathing a hefty sigh of relief.


Dr. J. said...

A meme is a socially heritible characteristic, that propogates itself inter-generationally much like it's namesake and genetic counterpart (the gene). Some examples might include understanding of the family unit or locally normative patterns of speech.
The idea was originally proposed by Richard Dawkins (of late famous for other ideas) in his book The Selfish Gene (a good read for anyone interested in the foundational ideas of modern genetic theory).

Enjoyed the post :o)
Dr. J.

Doc's Girl said...

Beautifully said...

I agree with you on everything...especially feeling "less introverted." I can be shy in real life but not with my fellow bloggers! :)