Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Que Sarah, Sarah is a blog that I read every now and then. I was first introduced to the blog’s author by way of a comment she made about me and my blog’s apparent despicable character at the time on Dr. Couz's blog (I will not link to the post as this is not the intended reason for this post).

Despite this comment and the feelings that I initially felt towards her, I came to enjoy reading her thoughts on a semi-regular basis. I have not read her posts for some time though and was informed by Dr. Couz of her turn for the worse.

Sarah is most likely going to die within the month from malignant melanoma. The cancer has become very aggressive and all treatment options are not helping. Her husband is currently updating her blog as she is no longer capable. It was shocking to say the least.

I urge all of you to please take some time to read her story and learn about this courageous woman. If, for nothing else, than to realize how fulfilling life can be and how someone can take adversity and turn it into triumph. She has been tremendously brave and steadfast through this time and her courage has been awe inspiring. I honestly felt that she was going to be OK.

I wish Sarah and her husband the best with the time she has remaining with the strength needed as they endure this trying time. Despite our first impressions I came to feel like I knew you, Sarah. You are in my thoughts. Find peace.

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