Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh. My. God

I just read this over at Musings of a Dinosaur. I can’t be more ticked and nauseous over the outcome. I will try and write something more about this loss of freedom of speech and expression that we, as a medical community, are quickly losing, but for now I just can't. It's overwhelming currently.

It’s enough to scare anyone and make them consider what we write and just how anonymous any of us truly are.

Dear Dr. Flea… I wish you peace and tranquility my friend. Peace and tranquility.



Old MD Girl said...

Well, I hate to say it but I have to admit that what Flea did was pretty dumb, though of course this is hindsight. It's not just that he had a blog, for goodness sakes. He blogged about the trial, how stupid the defense lawyer and jurors were, and about his distaste for the plaintiffs. Sure he was "anonymous." But the fact is, nobody is truly anonymous. In fact, this is the main reason I don't even bother with anonymity myself. It just doesn't work. I'm often surprised when people act shocked and horrified that their responses were not *actually* anonymous as they were told. Hello! Nothing is.

The Girl said...

It is unfortunate that he chose to blog about the trial while it was actually happening. Had he done it afterwards, it wouldn't have mattered.
I hope his career doesn't suffer too much from it, and I will really miss his blog. This is such a damn shame.