Monday, March 17, 2008

Wear Green and Pray

Back from vacation – visited the grandparents and spent a lot of money. It was fun and the kids were glad to see Wife’s parents again…it’s been a while. Can’t say that I’m really rested, but at least I had some time to not think about the match…which is, BTW, today…and I’ll find out about at 11 am.

Wife asked this morning for me to call her when I found out. She asked: “What will you do if you don’t match?”

Of course I instantly and with wide eyes told her to not even think such a thing.

“Are you superstititous?” she asked, incredulously.

“With medicine you have to be. A couple call nights where you discuss how slow it is only to get dumped on will make you change your thinking. Don’t talk about it. Don’t acknowledge that it might happen – then it will.”

Wise words indeed, if not completely based in magical thinking. Personally I think dragons and witches exist and that dwarfs are sissies.

Anyway, let’s stop talking about it. I’m starting to get worried. I'll update with the result later on.

So, after a week in Little Mexico (TONS of Mexicans in the city where grandparents live – about 50% of the signage was Spanish-only) I came home to a dead car. It wouldn’t turn over and I felt it was a battery problem. As I went to get it out of the car I decided to try once more and found that the car started without problem. Hrmmm….

After some detective work over the weekend I found that the battery is fine, but my connector to the negative terminal has cracked and doesn’t form a tight fit anymore. In case you were wondering, Hyundai’s have a combination of clamps for the positive and circular connections for the negative terminal. As of yet I have no idea how to fix this myself. It looks like you could just buy a part and plug it in, but then again you may have to change the entire cable – which I wouldn’t be able to do. Thus far I’ve had to push on the connector or wiggle it a bit to get the car to start more often than not. It’s not been fun.

Later today I’ll go and ask my local car repair store how easy it will be to fix, since I’m not very mechanically inclined. Perhaps I’ll even invest in a repair manual, since I’m sure there are things I can do, but just don’t have the proper guide. What I don’t want, is after spending a lot on that vacation, is to go to a mechanic and pay out the ass. Why can't I barter their price down like insurance companies do for doctors? Hell, only suckers pay what they're asked to pay for services rendered.


brocasarea said...

"pay out the ass"

Liana said...

duct tape?