Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Almost There

In two days I'll officially be done with medical school. Oh the glory, the fame, the wonderment I see in people's eyes as I pass them.

Wait? What's that? I'm not as great as I think and my first week of internship will absolutely, no doubt about it, kick me off the top rungs of medical school heirarchy into the dregs of the lowest denominators of the hospital peasantry?!


But at least for now I can relax, read some, review some, and just enjoy the last moments of freedom before my life is completely taken away. Despite the generally intense nature of the ICU I've been more relaxed with issues as my time approaches. I've taken the notion that I'm still learning and really applied it to my patients, learning as much as I can from each rather than just trying to impress but not understanding what's truly going on.

Another one is the baring of arms and the tattoo concerns I've dealt with for the last 4 years. Only recently have I been more apt to wear short sleeves around peers. Now I'm frequently removing my grisled white coat in favor of bearing my arms, tats and all. This will most likely be something I shun again when residency starts, but for now I don't fear the repercussions a couple partially removed tattoos might inflict as I dispense of my cumbersome coat.

And speaking of those bastions of med school - the white coat burning is going to be kick ass! Grab a beer, throw a burger on the ol' grill, and light those short, stupid looking, monstrosities up! Pics to follow - of course.


JeanMac said...

Congratulations - now you will be "medgod" - no more student.

e said...

wow, congrats! that's a pretty cool idea, to burn your white coats. I wish we had stuff like that here, but they are not too big on tradition. We didn't even take the oath when we started med school. have fun!!

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Actually the coat burning is just something I'm going to do myself. I hate my short coats with a passion and saw someone else do this a couple years ago - seemed like a cool idea to discard them.

M said...

I'm incredibly excited for you-- Looking forward to some very different posts, too.

Take some snap shots of the burning white coat if you can somehow juggle the camera and the pile of flames.