Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Sitter

Today I figured I'd cury some favor from the nurses and spent about 2-3 hours babysitting a patient. They were there for several days while we attempted valiantly to wean them off some sedatives and get them up to the floors secondary to severe alcohol abuse. Unfortunately there were an infinite number of sick patients (it is the ICU after all) and the nurses had not been able to keep their attention on this patient when they were out of bed – so they sedated more and kept asking for restraint orders. It's easier if they can't move, ain't it?

Finally today the attending asked for us to take shifts and watch. And since they were mine, I took first shift – which showed a very coachable, easily manageable patient who needed to get the hell out of the ICU and go to the floor.

I try to not think about the cost to me in dollars for an education where I babysit patients, but then again, I had nothing else to be doing at that time anyway. I should appreciate these times more. Plus I looked good in the eyes of the nursing staff - which will mean that they'll watch out for me for the next couple weeks - hopefully.

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