Wednesday, December 26, 2007


A list of the top grossing movies over 2007. Of interest to me is the fact that I either purchased tickets or the DVD to see every single one except 300* and Wild Hogs. Who says I don't follow the crowd?

* Currently on Netflix account...will arrive someday.


The Lone Coyote said...

Hmm... I only saw 2/10 (Simpsons and Bourne Ultimatem) and have interest in seeing 2 more. But I don't go to many movies these days, so I'm amazed I even have seen 2 of them.

Old MD Girl said...

Don't feel bad MSG. When looking for books to read for fun over Xmas I stuck to my hard and fast rule of ONLY selecting National Bestsellers. (NY Times ones have a tendency to either suck or be pretentious.) People like these movies for a reason.

Liz said...

I paid to see the Simpsons (forced to by my husband) and downloaded (pirated) copies of the 300 and the Rat movie. Both very entertaining. I'm totally sticking it to the man.

Buddy said...

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