Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scary as Hell

Here are a couple pics of a car that my family and I saw while shopping the other day. This spot, in case you can't tell, is a handicapped parking spot that's supposed to be lengthwise - like a spot for a large van or bus. However, this individual parked as if it was a pull in (similar to the cars opposite it). What's even better is the fact that, even though they parked like it was a pull in spot, they were still a mile away from the pole where the "Van Accessible" handicap sign was posted...ass hanging out all over the place. Despite being humorous (we all had a great laugh going in and coming out) I find it very scary that someone who can't figure out how to park in a single handicapped spot is still allowed to drive.

If you're curious, no, we didn't see who was driving. And yes, we were at Target.


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Target lover #1 said...

I love Target!

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