Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To Do List

The family had a terrific Christmas yesterday. The kiddies were very excited Christmas Eve and were awake by 4am Christmas morning! Coffee, needless to say, was mandatory. Stepson was with us from Monday till noon on Christmas before he went to his dad’s. Once there he called after a couple hours and asked for us to bring over some of his gifts – he was bored. All I could think was, yes!

Wife, Daughter and I went to see a movie as well. We saw The Water Horse which was an OK kids movie. Daughter really liked it, but it had some weird parts where I thought, that's a little dark for a kids movie...but whatever. It was nice though, to get out of the house in the evening. Wife feels that Christmas evening is always a bit anticlimactic, especially since we don't have anyone we spend it with, and getting out of the house shakes things up a bit.

So I wish that I could relax today, but here is a small list of the items that I realized I have to accomplish by the end of this week (or maybe next week):

1) Register my car. I would like to avoid getting a ticket for expired registration by one day - like what happened last year - on the way to my first day of a rotation. I can use $140 for better things than citations.
2) Take Daughter to her doctor’s office. She has been sick for over a week now and I can no longer convince myself that it’s simply a viral URI. Especially since she started to complain about her ear hurting and, upon inspection, I found it to be angry, bulging, and red looking. Amoxicillin, 60-80 mg/kg bid-tid for 5-7 days, if I remember correctly.
3) Order copies of my birth certificate and have it express mailed. I was looking at my driver’s license the other day and realized that after 8 years without having to obtain a new one this expires in 2 weeks. Unfortunately in this state I have to have my first renewal at the DMV (bastards!) and can’t just get a mail-it-in renewal. I also realized that I can’t dawdle on this since I have to fly to a few more interviews in January, with one being the 6th-8th, and an expired license will no longer be accepted as identification! Crap.
4) Hang out with freaks at the DMV…see above.
5) Find out if my next rotation starts next week or the week after. An e-mail sent out last week stated we were starting 5 days later than the scheduled by the school. I’ll be out of town on that date and don't want them cutting me out of the class if I don't show the first few days.
6) Plan Wife’s birthday party and get reservations for dinner.

So as you can see…a few things to do. Some more important than others, but all important.


Anonymous said...

If you have a passport you can use that instead. If you have one, that is. WIshing you luck with the DMV...bad time of year to try and get a renewal in a timely manner.

The Lone Coyote said...

Yeah, I've got a bunch of stuff like that to do myself... car smogging, dental appts, etc. For now I am enjoying doing nothing and letting it pile up for a couple more days.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Actually, most acute otitis media has been found to be viral, and generally runs its course in 5-7 days. Current treatment recommendations are for pain relief (oral acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen), hydration and the usual symptomatic care. Antibiotics are reserved for patients with fever and vomiting.

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Actually Dino, my initial instincts came out correct. I wasn't able to get her into the doctor's office for a couple days and she pretty much improved overnight. I decided to not take her in after all.

I'm one of those, who like you, try to see most URI infections and ear infections as viral. Just began to think she was superinfected when it was over a week and she hadn't improved.