Sunday, December 9, 2007

Certainly Not

So I was in Philadelphia the other day and, well, just loved it. That is to say I loved hating the hell out of it. Large cities and me do not mix well at all - I hated being honked at for not trying to run down pedestrians, hated having to hide my GPS so that I wouldn't get jacked while navigating streets around the airport, and hated the dirty look of the city - I mean, how many industrial plants do you have?

During this process of hating this area I had to consider doing a residency there. Certainly you jest. Come on now, if I hated it that much during the brief period I was there, imagine my misery 4 years later. No rank for you.


Old MD Girl said...

Well MSG, before you write Philadelphia off entirely, keep in mind that the suburbs of Philadelphia are quite lovely, and the schools are EXCELLENT out there. Since that's where you'd likely be living anyway.

That being said, SEE WHAT I MEAN?? ISN'T IT GROSS HERE??

Enough said.

emergencyem said...

"No rank for you."


MSG said...


I thought about your posts regarding the city while cursing trying to drive on I-76. I didn't like the program anyway, but the environment was not helpful either.

Doc's Girl said...

I agree with you about big cities--we live in one now with being out of state. I miss our suburb neighborhood in Michigan... Cities are just too nutty to live in, especially with kids.

"No Deal!" :-P

Anonymous said...

I just moved to Philly for med school. I too find myself having to hide my GPS while driving (I keep it on my lap instead putting it up on the dashboard) I'm also anal about leaving anything in my car. I heard about people have the cars broken into because they left some coins in their car. Only 3 and half years left!