Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Laziness

I have a confession: I was one of the millions who went to see the Chipmunks movie on opening day. There, I said it.

Actually I was one of those parents who, being a very loving parent, takes their kids to some crappy movie just to make them happy. Because it was crappy. Really crappy. There was such an abundance of crapitude in the movie that I began wondering who else wanted their soda to be spiked with hard liquor to ease the cerebral pain. A couple things that I just couldn’t get over, amongst the plethora of issues (would you say I have a plethora – sorry, just had to), were these items:

First: Dave got way to comfy with having talking Chipmunks in his house. Just like, eh whatever, lil’ dudes. Make me money! In fact, everyone was a little too comfy with talking rodents.

Second: I feel bad saying this, as I’m a big fan of Jason Lee’s, but he did not get the Alvin yell down – at all. It sounded completely phony and forced. Like he wasn’t actually yelling at anything (you know, like there wasn’t an actual talking chipmunk causing chaos in front of him). I guess some people are just better at pretending they're interacting with something that will be added later while others are stiff. Lee was stiff.

Another movie I saw over the weekend (yes, productive) was ‘I am Legend’. Good movie overall, lots of suspense, superb acting by Will Smith, and a post-apocalyptic/ zombie background – awesome. I do have one thing I’d like to say, though. Even though this was a movie I’d definitely want to see again, I wish movie makers would realize that not seeing every detail actually makes creatures scarier. At the end you’ve seen the zombies so much that you’re no longer jumping at them and actually laugh a couple times.

Oh yeah, I also got much needed maintenance done on my car. Like belts replaced, new tranie fluid, brakes, etc. So it wasn’t a completely wasted weekend. What did you do with your time?


PGY-1 said...

Sounds quite nice to me. Better enjoy those times now, cause they'll be in short supply later.

Bostonian in NY said...

I Am Legend rocked, although my M2 colleagues had a slight issue with the use of a paramyxovirus as the super-mutated vector of doom. I mean there's only one strain of measles and tossing a few tumor suppressor genes in there shouldn't have caused too much of a problem. I rolled my eyes, and pretended to not know either of them.

Other than the movie I've read about 200 pages of Path and Micro for exams this week...2 cumulative in house "finals" and an NBME micro

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Wow...ubber geeks.

Reynold said...

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