Monday, January 7, 2008

Back at It

Well, after a lovely couple weeks break from interviewing and 5 weeks from medical school I'm back at it. Last weekend (yes, an interview on Saturday - I've got a couple places doing those) I interviewed at a nice enough program, but - and thankfully - I knew that I wouldn't rank it high. I've vacillated enough about my rank list already and I really didn't want some place that I wasn't keen on to begin with to suddenly astound me and fuck things around again.

Today I'm supposed to start my Radiology rotation. Supposed to. But, I'm several thousand miles away for an interview tomorrow. I had to fly out yesterday in order to ensure that I could make it to the dinner and the interview since the weather out in the west has been lovely.

Of course, trying to get information on the rads rotation, the change in our starting date, and attempting to alert the coordinator that I will be out for the next 2-3 days (remember, the last time I flew through this area I had to sleep in an airport for another flight) I have, naturally, not received any reciprocating e-mails from this rotation.


I wonder when the school will realize that I'm paying you to help me here, it's part of your job. Some assistance would be nice - but then again, I'll have a quarter of a million in debt for a study-at-home medical degree. YES!

I'll be glad when interview season is over. It was fun at first, but having time off has made me realize that it's hard to try and kiss ass all the time and appear interested in anything being said.

***Addendum: I received an e-mail from the coordinator regarding my first e-mail, 2 weeks ago. She wants me to call her and explain myself. Hey, I tried to get to you already, now you'll have to wait.

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Bostonian in NY said...

Ditto on frustration over the correspondence medical degree. At least the University of Phoenix and Devry have customer satisfaction hotlines...