Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sexual Harassment

An interesting topic was generated by Hoover over at MedSchoolHell. It discusses some of the sexual harassment that many medical students have to endure during their clinical years. While I've seen some forms myself (and been a victim once) I don't recall anyone reporting the events. All too often I've found that surgeons tend to be the greatest offenders (lots of inuendos during surgical cases - what with the "suck this" and all), but many other professions are also culpable. What I find interesting is the SDN feed that he links - the mindset of many students is to just let it go and be "professional".

You know what? I'm really sick of that catch-phrase being tossed around to shame medical students into submission.

I agree with the suggestions of going to the legal department and risk management. Your dean's office or coordinators are not going to be able to help you. They'll sweep the incident under the rug.


Doc's Girl said...

MSG, don't be mad...I kinda sorta tagged you. :)

Old MD Girl said...

MSG, I completely agree with you about keeping your mouth shut. They keep telling us to be open about our complaints and that we can use the dean's office, be anonymous, etc. But then every time someone has a complaint it mysteriously gets turned around on the student and used against him/her. Invariably it becomes the student's fault that any "misunderstanding" occurred, and clearly if the student communicated more effectively/was less sensitive this would never have happened. It seems that actions only are ever taken against physicians who REPEATEDLY abuse students. But then, imagine the number who were swept under the rug first before the trend was "discovered."

BTW -- the word "professional" makes my skin crawl. Did you know that people actually study this and present posters on this at meetings? Those people make my skin crawl too.

Sorry for the rant.

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