Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Primary Fever - Catch It!

"...That's what you said about yellow fever and that was no fun at all"

In touch with very little since medical school began, I find that I have been able to keep up with a great deal more during these last few weeks. Perhaps a month’s vacation has been good for more than just interviewing.

Since we’re in the primary season and Iowa showed us that the ‘Clintons’ are not about to run away with everything (though NH sure wasn't making me happy) I thought I’d discuss my personal political opinions (I wonder what this will do?).

I consider myself an Independent. Despite originating from a Republican dominated family in a red state I found that the impulse to vote for anyone running with an elephant backing was absurd. So I try to figure out who has the best ideas, who appeals to me more, and overall has the best chance to do something worthwhile – regardless of their party affiliations.

Enter the presidential candidates. There are a few here and there that I have some tendencies to admire and others that scare the bejesus out of me.

Democratically I only favor one, that being Barack Obama. He is by far the best of what they’re offering. He understands that the healthcare system needs help, but has stated that a single payer system would not be beneficial at this time. He wants tort reform, but unfortunately doesn’t support federal mandated caps. He's new enough to politics that I don't hear lies with every flick of the tongue. Plus he'll offer something that this nation has never had - a minority president. Cool.

Hillary is far too polarizing – we’d end up with every nation hating us or loving us (like we already do, but worse) and healthcare reformations a complete disaster. Part of my dislike for her, apart from the above, is the entire ‘feminist pride’ that I see and hear constantly when women talk about her. We don't need to vote in someone who, at every turn, cannot be taken seriously. She is so bereft of genuine goodwill that it's scary. She scares me - a lot. Also, why does she keep saying that she’s running on 30+ years of change? Am I mistaken in saying that her husband was elected into every office until her NY senate win? Why am I supposed to believe that he did everything with her by his side (and we clearly know he did a lot away from you)? I’d vote for a woman for president without a problem, but not one who clearly is so malevolent, so condescending, untruthful, and unappealing as her.

Edwards is a joke to think about. Consider the fact that he made his fortune by suing doctors over birthing injuries without real proof of when the injury took place and worked ardently to cloud the issue related to cerebral palsy (blaming the incident entirely during the time during birth) and then look at whose blog your reading. His malpractice lawyer roots are more than I can stomach – it’s no wonder he doesn’t support any real tort reform (nor does he believe that there’s a real crisis). The only thing this man wants to do is make himself wealthier while destroying the rest of the nation.

Mitt Romney is my favorite out of the Republicans. I think he has a firmer footing in the nation’s problems and is handling the ridiculous concerns regarding his religion with a great deal of tact. Republicans, being as they are, support tort reform more fully and are less likely to approve a single payer system (afterall, why should people be forced to provide to everyone?).

Guiliani has some good about him as well, but I’m really kinda over hearing about 9/11 with each speech.

Huckabee? I mean, do we really want someone whose name sounds like Huckleberry running our country? Another Arkansas governor? I didn’t think Bill Clinton was the best president either, so why would I put another Arkansas man in the office? I agree with some of what he stands for, but I tend to lean more conservative.

What of McCain? I like him well enough, but being in the political spotlight for decades always makes me less sure of what you're selling. You're more likely to get someone who lies through their teeth, is in deep with lobbyists, and just has no real idea of what being an American is about anymore.

Whatever your political ideals are, regardless, we should take some interest in these people. Our nation is at one of its lowest points and we need someone who will actually do more than play simple party politics. Bush has been bad, but what we don't need is someone coming in and fucking around with the country more.


Old MD Girl said...


I agree with your assessment of the democrats, but my read on the Republicans was somewhat different. Giuliani strikes me as kind of Bush-like. He's passed a number of laws in NYC that were overturned as unconstitutional in much the same manner, and has a thug with mafia ties for his chief of police. I wouldn't trust him further than I could spit. And Huckabee isn't so down with science. I'm not sure I want another Bible thumper in office if possible (he's a Baptist MINISTER for crying out loud). At least Romney keeps his Mormonism at home where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

A discussion about the candidates is important, I agree. And also agree mostly with the analysis of them. I lean toward Giuliani, considering the complexities of bringing NYC back to civilization, doing so with a virulently oppositional Democratic NY state legislature, and he really was on the ball on 9/11. He's got real skills pinpointing basic problems, tackling them, getting the opposition to work with him on solutions.

To me, the terrorist thing is hugely important. I think Giuliani probably is the only candidate who knows the Saudis for what they are, he isn't so intimidated by political correctness, and I think he's the only one who'll hit the ground running knowing how to thwart Hillary's dirty tricks (she'll probably be their candidate). I'm not convinced there wasn't voter fraud in her win in N.H. She and Bill leave nothing to chance.

I like Romney okay but I don't want another policy wonk, and I agree re McCain...what he promises he hasn't been doing much about in the Senate for umpteen years, and yuck on Huck. Edwards is beneath contempt.