Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cursing My Computer Out

OK, here is the dilemma. My school includes Kaplan for both Step 1 and 2 as part of your tuition. I’ve said before that they “buy it for us” before, but in reality I’m paying for it whether I really wanted it or not. Honestly I think it was great for Step 1. I totally kicked that test’s ass! But for Step 2 I’ve heard mixed reviews. Especially about the Qbank.

People seem to believe that USMLEWorld is a better resource for the 2nd test and say that Kaplan people suck (no you suck USMLEWorldies - you go away now). You can see how the fight gets going, what with territoriality and all.

So what’s my problem besides gang warfare over Qbanks? Simple people. Kaplan has been kicking my ass these last couple days and is apparently the lesser of the two question resources. My test scores were looking good last week - low to mid 70’s - and I felt good. This week? 50’s and 60’s. Below other test takers. That only ever happened twice last year! WTF?

I’m supposed to take this test earlier so that residency coordinators know you've passed, but at the same time you need to be close to your Step 1 score. If your well below then residencies might think that you're a moron who can only read a book and suck at real world medicine.

Couple this with the fact that I’m actually trying to study the review books from last year to help me bone up on Physio, Pharm, and Path and you can see why I’m getting a little miffed. I’m regressing, not improving. I understand the pathophys again, but not the damn diagnostics and treatments. Jeezaloo.

Where’s the love, Kaplan? You’re supposed to encourage me to study, not make me blow a gasket in a “quiet” study room with underclassmen because I’m making ridiculous mistakes! It’s not cool how you made me curse and yell at my laptop in public. Several times. I don’t like you now. You go away.

I think I’m done studying for today.


Old MD Girl said...

This post made me laugh. At least you didn't throw the computer across the library. I'm sure you'll do fine on step 2s.

pinkie said...

Oh my, you're sounding more and more like me. The "Jeezaloo" and "You go away now" have rubbed off on you. Brings tears to my eyes *sniff sniff*.

The Lone Coyote said...

Well, I am using USMLEWorld but am also dipping into the Kaplan Q-Bank on occasion. If it makes you feel any better, my scores on Kaplan have been all over the place, while my USMLEWorld have stayed fairly consistent. It may just be the nature of Kaplan. I wouldn't sweat it. I know people who used both and did well--better than Step 1. Just do tons of questions and I am sure it will be fine.