Monday, June 18, 2007

Fresh Fish

The new crop of 1st years have arrived. Hurrah!

I can hear the fellas now: running over to the fence, yellin' and hollerin' whilst the new prisoners make their way through the entrance gate. They're trying to not show they're scared, but their feet shuffling in hurried, small steps always gives them away. That and their new black doctor's bag purchased by mommy and daddy in hopes that they can buy buy some favors with it and to lessen the initial pain.

"Fresh Fish, we're realing them in!" A cellmate of mine yells as he mimicks the universal sign for angina pectoris.

"Hey Fish! I got some biochem love for ya, right here! What's tha matter? You don't like oxidation reactions? Ahahahaha." Laughs a hypomanic prisoner ending his 2nd year of incarceration with only the hurdle of testing for work release to get through.

Yeah...kinda like a scene from any prison movie the new meat has made their way to the penitentiary AKA med school and has begun their processing. Soon they'll be known as The Bitches of P=MD block... 'er...I mean Class of 2011.

“Like lambs to the slaughter.” I said to myself, grinning as I walked past them while they milled about, anxiously chattering in the atrium of the basic sciences building. “They’ve no idea what they’re in for.”

I don't know what to think of them, other than being rather obtuse about keeping quiet in study rooms while others are working, but I'm sure I'll really never know. It's not like I'll have much contact with them as a 4th year, but whatever.

All over the United States people are making the transition from real life to medical student with Doe-eyed dreams and ideals of what medical school must be. I hope that they've done their homework because this ain't no fairy tale. People get hurt and we all don't live happily ever after...Bambie fucking dies.

But, with that being said:
Good luck to all you freshies out there! It’s gonna hurt, but stick to it and you’ll make it through – eventually.


Old MD Girl said...

Wow, they arrive kinda early at your school. We have some new MSTPs who are doing a lab rotation before school starts (yes, I believe "insane" is the right word for that), but none of the other newbies will arrive until August.

Some of my classmates are very excited about taking them out. Very cattily I think, "That must be because you annoy the shit out of your current classmates and they won't hang out with you, and you need to look for new friends."


I think I need a vacation!

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

At our school we have a "transitional" program for 1.5 months that is supposed to be sort of like med school, but really isn't. It's harder than undergrad and is supposed to help get you ready and geared up for studying. Unfortunately I think some students don't understand this and get wasted the first couple *real* weeks of 1st semester.

The kicker though? You don't get ANY money during this time. But you still have to move here, find housing, pay for food, bills, etc.

The Lone Coyote said...

Great post. By the end of the year my friends and I had decided that even the rising 2nd years were way too perky and excited to be around for more than 5 minutes without feeling severe annoyance coming on quite rapidly. I cannot imagine what we will feel when the Class of 2011 arrives in about a month.