Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So I have had some trouble determining the actual readership of this blog. The images that I've used have been hot topics for Google "Images" and many of my referrals have been from these searches. Therefore I've removed all pics and will no longer post any along with my posts unless they're from my own camera.

If anyone has an idea who to stop Sitemeter from recognizing these searches I'd love to hear it. I do like having something to look at when reading - because I'm a kid.


Jean said...

As long as you keep blogging, I can do without the pics! Enjoy your writing style and "honesty".I set my blog so it can't be Googled but that isn't what you commented on. Good luck.

Old MD Girl said...

You should see the number of hits I get for people googling syphilis images. A little self diagnosis perhaps?

Dr. J. said...

If you want to stop sidebar from picking them up, download the pic in question then upload it to blogger as you would with a pic from your will be internally linked that way, and as long as the pic in question is public domain and you are not infringing copyright you should be legally fine.
Dr. J.