Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh Really?

Last year the school was late in getting out some of the Dean's letters for residency and people had to have personal favors from attendings to keep interviews. We were told, by everyone, that this would not happen again. We were promised up and down, backwards and forwards that the school had their stuff right this time around. I didn't believe it.

Currently I'm sitting with less than 2 weeks before I fly out of town for a month and I've yet to meet with the dean about my ERAS. She requires my transcript, letters of recommendation (or at least knows who has turned theirs in), and a photo of me to scan into the ERAS system. Of course, despite trying to get an appointment several times a week, I have no date to meet with her.

I'm getting the feeling that I'm going to get screwed for the month or so while I'm away. I have no idea why the school can't keep their shit together, but right now I'm fucking pissed - and worried. Programs start downloading and offering interviews next month. My application is almost complete - the only thing stopping me from submitting is my dean's office.

To add to this distress is the fact that I have a large pimple on my face that decided to rear its ugly head right at the time I was trying to get a nice, professional pic taken. I guess I can use some makeup if I need to, but this is definitely not something I want program directors to remember about me:

Hey, what about that guy with the large ass pimple? Wasn't that hilarious?! But of course we could never have someone like him as a resident. What with the hygiene issues and all...pitty.


Liz said...

can you scan the pic, photoshop out the pimple, and then order wallets on snapfish or (i am a good photoshopper if you need help). Good luck, that sucks :(

pinkie said...

I'm in the same boat with the pic thing... except mine's more like bilateral conjunctivitis that's stopping me =(. Don't want to leave the impression that I'm a druggie and all.

Old MD Girl said...

I suspect you will do fine in the end. I don't know why administrators mess up like this all the time, but they certainly seem to. I distinctly remember the pre-med advisors neglecting to send out certain recommendation packets until November (!) one year. I don't have a clue whether those people got in, but I would have been mighty pissed had they done that to me.

Have your wife take a look at the pimple and make a recommendation.