Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's That, Fucker?

Alright...calm down. It's going to be OK.

Really it is.

He's just a fuckwad.

To hell with that shit! He's a damn 2nd year!

What nerve!

I shoulda kicked his bitch ass all over the place is what I shoulda done.



Well, I just had an interesting run in with a 2nd year while studying. Apparently I was in "his chair" and was asked to leave. The room.

Yes, he actually asked me to leave "[his] room because this is where [he's] getting ready for a major test (didn't they just start) with friends and they always study here. If I wasn't a first year I'd have know that."

Serious. That's what he said.

Of course I was gracious and kind, the absolute picture of calm. Ha!

After 5 minutes of me tearing him a new one, telling him where he can put his study books, and what year I was (after all, being a senior makes me uber cool now, doncha think?) he got the message and left.

I'm not the only one to have a run in like this with the 2nd years either. A classmate apparently had a very similar run in when asking people to be quiet while studying. They told her about the "quiet rooms" for studying and continued to talk - since they thought she was a lowly 1st year.

Fucking underclassmen. Learn to respect your goddamn elders! I know where and how to stick shit in people now that will kill them quickly...Don't. Fuck. With. Me!


The Girl said...

Wow. Clearly some people need to be torn down to size.

Old MD Girl said...

Wellllll.... even if he had been the 4th year and you had been the 2nd, his behavior would have been way out of line. It's called bullying.

Liz said...

Seriously. I totally agree with you. I hate the underclassmen and the lower level med students in my library. SHUT UP!!

Doc's Girl said...

I love the medical hierarchy...:)

pinkie said...

Woohoo dood! Way to stick it to him! No seriously, he's retarded, and I'm glad you stood your ground. A lot of these people need to get knocked off of their high horses.