Sunday, August 5, 2007


Sorry again for the delay in posts and the rather mundane nature of the last several. Clearly my life has been put on hiatus while other, shall we say “more pressing”, issues were addressed (the sagging Sitemeter numbers I've seen clearly indicate that you're getting bored). I apologize, but life as a Medstudentgod is not always as fun and exciting as you might imagine. Sometimes administrative bullshit takes precedence. So, on with the show!


What do you say to someone that makes your skin crawl and, despite all attempts to convey your complete abhorrence of their "being", continuously tries to talk to you? Someone that, for all other purposes, makes you want to vomit upon them in a horrible, Exorcist-like way? Yes, the Worst Medical Student Ever (WMSE - yes all of these are about him) is on the surgery floor right now and I’ve been able to see him in action during one case (since the gen surg team is apparently taking a vacation this week and overall surgical cases have been sparse).

This student encompasses everything that I hate about politics. An absolutely absurd specimen of medical training who is, unfortunately, completely capable of appearing highly intelligent and competent; but only for very short periods of time – like the time it takes to drain a rectal abscess. After 45 minutes of bullshiting his way around his utter clueless personality his asshole can't be corked shut anymore and shit spews forth from his dumbass as though he'd been hit with a bottle of Mag citrate.

Lord knows how much I hate this guy. What irks me the most is the fact that he wants to be an Anesthesiologist. He aspires to the same specialty that I hope to match into one day and it makes my blood boil to think about him as a "colleague". Hopefully I won’t find out if he matches come March since he’s already 7 months or more behind in his 3rd year rotations (using some lie about doing an Anesthesia away rotation when he was called out for failing Step 1 his first go around). I think knowing that someone like that could actually get a job in a field that requires a great deal of quick thinking might make me physically nauseous.

Honestly I feel that if he were to be in a medical school whose sole goal wasn’t to crank out as many minority MD’s as possible he’d have been ousted long ago. But, here he is, almost 3 years down, no prospects of stopping, and with the undeniable truth that he's cheated, lied, and bought his way to this point. Certainly the fact that Daddy has significant influence (both monetarily and politically) hasn’t influenced his status here. But that’s OK. I hate him, I know what kind of a tool he is, and that’s good enough for me.


Old MD Girl said...

To quote a reader of *my* blog: Geeze MSG, don't you like ANYBODY in your class? Is everyone in med school so AWFUL?? Why do you complain SO MUCH?

Just kidding, really. Unfortunately, I don't think nepotism and politics are absent in any field.

Doc's Girl said...

Hey, karma's a bitch and I'm sure it'll follow him...

Perhaps a rectal abscess of his own? :) One can only hope. :-D

Bostonian in NY said...

I think I go to school with like 20 of these guys

Beach Bum said...

That sounds like my roommate. WMSE, I love it. Enjoyable blog.

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