Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ya Veo

So an experiment has been started. One that I’m directly involved with and the outcomes of which affect me directly. That experiment? Vision.

Yes, I went to see the optometrist over the weekend to get my eyes checked. I figured it would a wise idea before leaving for a month since I couldn’t see a computer screen 5 feet from my face in the hospital. Scary to think I was responsible for this patient’s vitals at the time.

So I was told I couldn’t pass a driver’s vision test with my current decreased visual acuity and received my first pair of contacts - ever. Wife felt they’d be a better option since we have a 3 year old, I’m always futzing with my face, I break sunglasses a lot, and the like. Plus she didn’t want to be married to a 4-eyed geek.

Now I’m 5 days into the experiment and have mixed feelings.

Pros: I love being able to see - it’s like HD in real life! Who knew there were details to all of the trees around us and that you can read exit signs across a store? I've been able to check vitals and physiological components from a distance and can actually read the suture boxes in the cabinets.

Cons: I hate the feeling of something foreign in my eyes. Hate. It. I’ve got eyelashes in my eyes all of the time and the environment of the OR only increases this discomfort - or that's how it feels. Plus I’ve lost them in my eye a few times and have seriously irritated the crap out of my right eye trying to locate the lost lens.

Thus far I’m thinking I’m going with the glasses. I know people have to get used to these, but damn if this doesn’t suck. Sometimes they feel fine, then I blink and “BAM” it’s back to the nuisance of hair again. My optometrist changed them yesterday to “lenses for those with sensitive eyes” (i.e. babies) but I’ve not seen any improvement.

Maybe glasses while at work, then contacts when at home? That ‘s an option, I guess.


Old MD Girl said...

I had a similar experience getting glasses at an "old" age -- though it sounds like you might have slightly worse vision than I have. I never got contacts (justified to self that my eyes weren't THAT bad), and I still hate my glasses. But, it is nice being able to see the board. And to read street signs. And recognize that person waving at me before they're 5 feet away.

So, I think you should have both the glasses and the contacts. But only because I've heard that contacts feel like sandpaper on eyes that haven't slept for 30 hours. Which, if I'm not mistaken, you'll be doing in less than a year, no?

PS -- All doctors are dorks. Join the club!

Charles Cock said...

Great blog...but

Stick with the contacts - MUCH better. The problem of loss of peripheral vision can be a problem with glasses. Been wearing both for 25 years. But I take the contacts out at night and leave them in solution. Also only SOFT contacts (won't punt names but J&J's seem the most comfortable.

Didn't mean to be too serious, but I felt sorry for U - my kids just broke their yearly set of my glasses

Anonymous said...

Give yourself more than three days to get used to contacts!

(Did you start off wearing them no more than four hours at a time and stuff, or was that just what they had us do in the old days?)

I find that carrying a small bottle of rewetting solution to use when my eyes are dry or itchy helps tons.

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