Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heavenly Home

How rude of me! I forgot to mention how nice it’s been to be home these past few days. I seemed to pick right up where I’d left off with everyone. The first night was wonderful.

I came home to presents, a homemade banner that said “Welcome Home Daddy!” with my kid's pictures drawn all over it, and the comfort of knowing that Wife was busying herself with various home projects while I was away (a friend told me that, in the army, the husband always was comforted if he came home after some time away to a rearranged home – it meant that his wife wasn’t out with someone else).

Daughter didn’t know what to make of my glasses and was a bit taken aback by the new look, but soon realized what was different, asked me about them, and then proceeded to run circles around Wife and I while we hugged and kissed for several minutes. Wife called me a 40-year old man with them.

Daughter has been able to get right back into the swing of “our” routine when getting ready in the mornings. Wife and I thought she might be resistant, but it’s like I never left – except that she’s nervous when I leave her alone. She thinks I might be leaving again…so reassurance is necessary.

The weather, though, is awful. Coming from mild fall-like weather with little humidity to sweltering summer-like conditions and damp air is just nauseating. Sunday the family went for a walk in the woods which turned into a 2-mile jog. Partly because of being out of shape, but mostly from the humidity, I could not stop sweating. Wife got concerned, but I just told her that I wasn’t “conditioned” to the atmosphere here and it would take some time. But God it sucks being this hot.

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The Girl said...

Ugh. I hate humidity. My favourite trick is to wrap ice cubes up in a wet hand towel and drape it around your shoulders. It is the only thing that keeps me from going insane in summer.