Monday, September 3, 2007

Hi There

Hello from the busy world of Sub-I! Yes, I decided to let you know about the week I’ve had (short form of course) and that I’m still alive.

I’ll tell you right now that if you’re unaware of how taxing it is to be "on" all the time you have got to put yourself somewhere for a day and try it. It drains you. It sucks the energy out of you as you try to read, look busy, appear genuine while all-the-while kissing ass, and simply going above and beyond everything you’ve ever done in order to meet expectations.

It’s hard.

Saturday was a day off and I found myself completely asleep till 8:30am. That’s early you say? Considering I’ve become accustomed to the 4 or 5 am awakenings with work, Wife, and Daughter, anytime after 7am is really late. Really late.

It’s been very interesting and fun, however, and I’ve honestly enjoyed the faculty and residents tremendously. I find myself hoping for acceptance by their institution. It’s a great place and most of the residents are very keen on the teaching environment and have been quite friendly. My IV skills are being tested constantly and my intubation success has decreased a little based on the degree of complexity I’m seeing in these patients. Thursday I go to see my first neurosurgery case ever – it was hard to consider what needed to be done, but the resident was more than ready. Needless to say, it impressed me to see how well trained this CA-2 was.

Also I've lost my contacts (one was lost after falling out of my eye - in a case nonetheless!) and I purchased some glasses. I plan on getting some contacts again, but right now the glasses are fine and are more applicable to the OR environment anyway.


Today I submitted my application to ERAS (electronic residency application service) for the hefty sum of $270! Apparently I was charged separately because I was applying to 3 different types of programs (Anes, prelim IM, and Transitional Year) despite my dean assuring me that this wouldn’t happen. Hmm, my school’s not got the most accurate information? Who knew?
Anyway, I’m glad to be where I am right now, getting the ERAS crap over with, and can now look forward to accepting interviews – hopefully.


pinkie said...

Woah, only $270?!? My ERAS bill will make you cry... seriously... *sob sob*

Glad you're enjoying your sub-I. Mine's not as bad as I made it out to be... it's just that... well, you already know.

Anyway, I'll catch up with you again some time when we're not on call haha! Wait, that's not funny...

Htownplaya said...

Glad to hear your sub-I is going well. Things are going well here in the land of the Cardinal as well. Totally echo the exhaustion factor of trying to be on top of your game for the entire day, much less entire week. It really takes much more out of you than I ever imagined. Best of luck!

Adam said...

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