Friday, September 21, 2007

Funniest Moments

I’ve seen some rather interesting events while in medical school. From the apparent "horrific" use of the word "Oriental" rather than "Asian" by a classmate our first year, to the obviously homosexual classmate who had, up to this point, attempted to claim being straight only to admit his alternative lifestyle while in a surgical case and then suddenly remember that I was on the other side of the curtain and try to blow it off, I’ve seen quite a smattering of funny moments.

However, taking the cake is the neurosurg resident that sings, dances, and performs ballet in the OR, while in sterile garb. But wait, it gets better. One day she began to curse and berate herself regarding her troubles closing an incision while her attending was in another case and proceeded to amuse the OR staff with her difficulty.

F-bombs were launched without abandon while the scrub tech constantly asked her to watch her language. 45 minutes of waiting, hearing her alternate from singing curses to loudly yelling profanities, and catching the bug-eyed look on my attending’s face as he walked into the room - expecting the patient to be close to awakening – only to find the situation had not progressed much from the last half hour, was priceless.

Although I guess you had to be there to enjoy the humor.

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