Friday, September 21, 2007

Homeward Bound

Tomorrow I head home. Home to Wife, Daughter, and Son. I'm very happy that it's so close.

The rotation went well and I start my Fam Med 4th year rotation Monday which is already making me cringe. Me no likey dressing up and wearing my white coat. Gahhh.

Tonight I shall imbibe with some friends one last time, record some of the memories with my camera, and get packed.

When I get home I'll try to post some pics from the area including the hospital's beautiful view of downtown and the outdoor scenery. I wish I'd been able to do more extracurriculars, but obviously this was a rotation not to fuck around with.


Liana said...

You have to wear a white coat in your family med rotation?! I'm certainly not wearing my coat during my current family med rotation, and I haven't worn one since last November.

The Girl said...

It is nice to be home. :)