Friday, November 2, 2007

Catching Up

Halloween has come and gone. Unfortunately we live in a rather humdrum apartment complex where the only partying going on is the college-aged crowd who either, a) don't believe in giving out candy b) are too wasted to care about giving out candy 0r c) have spent all their money on beer and drugs and can't possibly come to the door out of shame and intoxication.

Yes, another Halloween where we had to uproot and go somewhere else for the trick-or-treating that is apparently becoming less and less important these days. I feel that the generation of tomorrow is going to fuck us all over because they're far too involved with themselves to give a shit about anything else.

Daughter had a great time, despite the expedition, and was very excited to get her candy. She went as Jessie the cowgirl from the Toystory movies and was adored by almost everyone. Stepson was with his dad, but I heard he had a good time with his friends.

I would like to post some pics, but because I don't want to have my daughter's face on the internet for any pervert to, um, enjoy I won't.

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