Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Down - Many More to Deal With

Interview season is already quite strange. I see people behaving in ways that are clearly not acceptable and seem quite immature, but they seem to not care. Chewing gum while talking with a director, leaving to take a call during a presentation on the program, and getting wasted at dinner in front of the residents (only to continue to get wasted as the night goes on afterwards and end up sleeping in another candidates room because you pass out) – all of which don’t seem to phase these candidates.

It makes me feel rather superior to them based on a certain level of maturity, gathered from years of real world employment and family responsibilities, but who really knows. Perhaps that’s what programs want – young blood. Certainly there’s enough old curmudgeons out there so who really wants one more?

Anyway, I feel the interview went well and am looking forward to being done already – very tiring process.


Doc's Girl said...

Yikes!!! That's scary that people do those types of things on interviews...

Family life does bring one down to reality and I can imagine that is going to be more appealing to potential employers than the "work hard/party harder" types.

Good luck on getting close to done. :)

Anonymous said...

getting hammered at a pre-interview dinner? haven't seen that one yet!

Liana said...

Yes, some people are morons at interviews. How is it that some people honestly think their behaviour at the social function doesn't get take into account when we do the final rank list? And telling things to a resident's spouse that probably shouldn't be told like "I really want to do general surgery. This is just my back-up." Yeah.