Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hot Doc Getting His Just Desserts

Thought I'd let everyone know about a little interesting comment from a reader related to my favorite medical student: Hot Doc (AKA worst medical student ever):

hey man just wanted to let you know that "hotdoc"'s car got keyed twice
since you posted that pic of the license I know that wasn't your

See what happens when you're an ass? Now I didn't suggest that happen, but clearly he's upset some people and they decided to take it out on his car.


Anonymous said...

As incompetent and a total a** at times that he may be, he really doesn't deserve to have his car keyed. That's really petty and immature if you ask me, not to mention expensive to repair!

pinkie said...

As much as I regret admitting it, I do feel a bit bad for him. Getting bird crap on my newly-washed non-BMW car already ruins my day... I can only imagine what a twice-keyed paint job would do.

tennguy said...
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