Thursday, November 22, 2007

That’s How It Is In The Hospital

So Stepson has a little quirk about him: he loves the TV show House, MD. God, what a shame.

The other night he was watching while I was next to him on the couch reading my Currrent’s Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. I’d seen some diseases in the SICU that morning that I was a little unfamiliar with and wanted to get boned up on them before tomorrow. During a commercial he turned around and asked me:

“Are you seeing what he has in your book? What do you think it is?”

I stopped, looked at him, and pointedly said:

“I hate House. I don’t know what this guy has, nor do I honestly care. I’m studying some stuff I saw today and need to know for tomorrow.”

He shrugged his shoulders, turned around, and said:

“Well I freaking love this show. It’s so awesome! I bet that’s how it is in the hospital, huh?”

To which I had to inform him that there is no way that a doctor, no matter how talented, gets to walk into an OR where the patient’s abdomen is wide open without a surgical cap, mask, and sterile gown and be allowed to place their hands directly into an open wound – even if he had on sterile gloves - which he didn't (event occurred just prior to commercial where he made these remarks). So, no, it’s all crap and that is what I hate about it.

He didn’t seem to care, and watched the remainder of the show intensely. At least he enjoys himself, but damn! Why does he have to like that show?


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you 100%. It doesn't work that way in any hospital. Especially in the lab. I'm a medical technologist and any medical show, they always show the doctors running the tests in the lab. My ass the doctors are doing the lab work. It's the medical techs that do the lab work and we're not appreciated in the tv world as well in the real world.

Old MD Girl said...

On the other hand, during first year there were a shocking number of exam questions that seemed to be ripped directly from that show. Of course when *I* watched, that didn't seem to happen, but whatever.

It could be worse. He could be into "America's Next Top Model."

Anonymous said...

this post seems eerily familiar to something Sid Schwab posted a day earlier, on
Wednesday the 21st at