Thursday, November 22, 2007

Interview Dribble and Random Thoughts

I recently cancelled some interviews. I was giving the dates that I’d be out to Wife in order for her to adjust her schedule for work and she began to freak. Six different dates in December, her biggest month and also the time of year when she has to work overnight per company guidelines, were just too much for her. I looked at the interviews, realized that I had one every Tuesday and Friday with dinners the night before during the next 3 weeks, some with 3 days of travel (flight cheaper that way), and analyzed my options.

I cancelled those that I could – those that weren’t as high on my list already or didn’t have a nonrefundable flight attached to them. If I hadn’t worried about rising gas prices a month ago I would have gone to a Texas program over one in Pennsylvania that I've already purchased a ticket for, but I’m stuck now.

For a pre-birthday gift Wife purchased me a Magellan Maestro GPS unit to help navigate during this time. Since I’m driving to a large amount of these programs it helps to have something that can get me around town and this is a great gift! I used it a lot this last week just to see how it works, going to places I knew how to get to already, but seeing where it would take me and if there were any problems. Dead-on every time and it worked quickly most of the time. A few times it stalled getting my information, but during the trips it was fantastic.

Getting an idea from GruntDoc, MD, I decided to do a dead blog update of my own. Basically if there hasn't been any activity for 2 months I deleted you from my sidebar. Those considered dead are:
  • Adventures in Medical School
  • Parcho, MD (let me know if you start again)
  • Scutmonkey (went private)

So, being in an after turkey-day malaise, tomorrow I plan to get out the Christmas decorations, start to get the tree put together, study for my Step 2 CS in a week, and eat a lot of leftovers. On Sunday interviews begin - oh yeah.


Doc's Girl said...

Yay! I love our's worth its weight in gold right now. :)

I love making different titles for the places we go. "Home" is labeled as something that I just cannot public type out but lets just say that it's fun to pull into the garage. :-P Hehe...

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