Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Money

How much do I want to party? Is it worth $100 or more for a bash?

Our class dues this year were elevated to help pay for some items that the senior class has traditionally done. This includes a class gift, planning an event the day of match as a celebration for 4 years of hard work, etc. However, I have recently seen that the dues are to be increased by over 200% for the year to pay for these “responsibilities”.

I was planning on paying for the initial class dues this year, but more than $100 is way too much for this guy. I mean, God, I’ve had to increase my debt further in order to even interview this year since the school’s tuition hike killed any travel money I was set to receive. I have a couple private loans that will be due upon graduation and cannot be deferred through my residency. The fact that the “elected” class officials (ran unopposed) are now increasing the amount they want from us in order to throw some fucking party irritates me.

I guess I just won’t plan on going to our match celebration if this is how they’re going to try and fund it. Citing low class participation in fundraisers as a reason to increase the amount needed as an entry fee isn’t reason enough. There are people who are on aways, are too busy with life, and just don’t care anymore about helping “the class” out anymore. Personally, I’ve been trounced one too many times in the past to give a shit now.

It’s sad to think I won’t be able to hang with some of my friends and celebrate our accomplishments, but I thought the amount last year was ridiculous and we’re doing the exact same thing here.


frylime said...

i agree with you. right now my class dues are "only" $25, so i paid them. but once they start creeping up over the $40-ish range, no more!

Anonymous said...

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