Monday, May 19, 2008


So the grad ceremony was nice - if not long - and my family was able to be here to watch Wife hood me. Thankfully my back, which had been acting up the last week and kept me from working out for the last 8 days, did not hurt as much as I had thought - given that we stood for an hour before walking into the arena and then stood again while 100 of us were called, walked across the stage, were hooded, and then recited the Hippocratic Oath (updated version).

I felt a swell of pride as Wife placed the hood on me, I turned and walked down the stairs and kissed her. It felt like we had arrived, but I still don't feel like a doctor. I'm sure that feeling won't come anytime soon until I hear the pager go off endlessly or am asked to assess a patient that I feel completely underprepared to deal with - wait, scratch that, I won't feel like a doctor for a while...if ever.

My parents took tons of pictures and many of the classmates and friends were in the backrooms snapping away while we readied ourselves. It was sad that so many of us had been through so much, and now we're heading off into different cities, different specialties, and different lives. I hope to keep in touch with some, but I'm not optimistic.

So, one more month and then I begin orientation. July 1st is coming fast. I think I'll post some more on this blog until June, then I'll turn the attention to my residency blog. After all, I'm no longer a medstudent.

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