Monday, May 5, 2008

Step Back

I decided after posting earlier today that, despite taking a few days and rehashing the topic a few times, it was just not a good post to have published and needed to be taken down. So I did just that.

I understand the couple commenters opinions - but still think it was blown out of proportion. I won't go any further than that here.

Race is a touchy subject to write around and I realized only too late that this published post would not be viewed well by many simply based on its subject matter. I wish that we could get beyond our differences, stop addressing "offenses" that are little more than naive opinion, and allow racial harmony to happen. Because at the moment, when we segegrate so many people in our society purposefully (award shows, TV channels, reality TV gimicks, magazines, etc, etc, etc) we not only focus on the color of people's skin or their ethinicity, we also perpetuate stereotypes and hatred. That was the meaning I was trying to derive from the afforementioned post which I saw was quickly being lost by the subject.


Ben said...

I didn't see the post, but I think I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

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