Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Truth Than Not

I read this article when a couple blogs posted about its topic. Some were naysayers, stating that it painted a bleaker future than really necessary, others were more open to the advice. I noticed that many of the younger bloggers identified with the article than the "dinos" who, of course, viewed this with a grumpy hurrumph! and went back to their job of trying to keep their investment portfolios from completely going under.

Of course I kid, but there is a lot in this article that I've identified over the last few years, which several physicians warned me about, but I didn't listen. If anything - to those out there not in medical school or medicine, it's really important to review information like this before deciding to go into medical school. Take a look at some of the comments as well, that will give you a good idea what people think of doctors.

Oh, and happy mother's day.


Dragonfly said...

Oh well. At least we get free pens (unless our conscience doesn't allow us - my conscience stops me eating ham and cheese pharma sandwiches but is not so specific with stationery).

Michael_Garcia said...

thanks for linking the article.

It looks like becoming a hospitalist will be the way to go in the future.

I had 4 years as an undergrad to think long and hard about the next 4 yrs (which from what i read you have just completed, congrats!). But too late now, I've already accepted the $23,000 loan for MS1... Ha, wish me luck!