Friday, May 2, 2008

A Look Back

I thought that it would be a good idea to publish a little post about my accomplishments in the last 4 years. I don't think of this as self-aggrandizement; rather it's more like self-stimulation of the mind. But on if you care to, but if you think this is a load of tripe, then don't - I'd rather not receive nasty comments about my boastfulness.

1) 3.9 GPA

2) >240 step 1 and 2 scores

3) AOA inductee 2007 - 08

4) Award received for being in the top 4 of my class after freshman year (I believe I'm still in this range, though the school makes a large to-do about not ranking us)

5) Highest performance on shelf exam in pharmacology; shared in pathology and physiology

6) Matched at number one choice of residency at a program that historically has not been too keen on students from my school

7) Persevered in 3rd year despite the death of my sister and close cousin within 2 weeks of each other while finding out that my dad had cancer

8) Didn't get divorced

9) Out of the 4 in my gross anatomy group that began medical school, 2 of us matched into residencies, and 3 of us will graduate. I'm quite amazed at the attrition from this group.

10) Started med school wanting to be an Orthopod with a smidgeon of interest in anesthesia. Had varying interests in internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and surgery during this time. Ultimately came to love Anesthesiology once I understood what the hell was involved (not well taught in pharm and hardly any exposure in clerkships until 4th year).

11) No one died from my actions

12) Started at 205 pounds 7/2004. Gained 15 pounds over 3 years to an all-time high of 221 pounds. Lost 20 in 4th year to 201 - hoping to get to 190 before residency starts.

13) My pre-entrance physical demonstrated 20/20 vision. Beginning of 4th year my vision was 20/60, requiring me to get glasses.

14) Pre-entrance lab work: total cholesterol of 299 despite being on low fat diet. Total cholesterol checked in family med clinic 10/2008: 201. No drugs were ever used.


JeanMac said...

Congrats, Doc! You have every reason to feel good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You should be very proud of your obvious hard work. I'm especially impressed with the fact that you stayed married despite the past four years.

all but 1 said...

Number 8 is the most important :)

Old MD Girl said...

Wow, that's some attrition from your anatomy group.

Congratulations on your record. It's rather impressive actually, not that I ever doubted that it would be.


frylime said...

impressive record!

i get really excited for my yearly checkups because i LOVE watching all my cholesterol levels, etc, go down too.

pinkie said...

Outstanding job there! I know you'll make us proud across the street!

ladyk73 said...

Aww... Hense where the godcomplex came from!

The loss of eyesight mostly likely due to your nose being in the books all of the time

tracy said...

Excellent work, you deserve sooo much to be very excited and proud of youself, you truly are an amazing individual...and i just want to re-cert emt...Ha!
What, no interest in Psychciatry?? Ah, well, i guess you can't be p e r f e c t : )

Doc's Girl said...