Saturday, May 3, 2008


Moving sucks. Even if you're moving just a few miles down the road and have a trio of men lifting your heavier items, it still sucks. I find that I'm more lethargic than I'd have imagined and trying to mentally put anything together is murder. Study? Ha.

Yesterday was a day to relax as our internet and TV service was installed. We switched internet from DSL to cable and we added a local cable connection in lieu of landline phone service so that we can actually see the people on TV and not just their snowy shadows. The cable guy hooked us up - we get basic in any room we want without any extra charge. I didn't even realize he was letting us in on the goods while he was talking to me. I found out an hour later when I was channel surfing (now I just hope that someone from the cable company doesn't come out and demands that we turn it off or pay for the extra rooms).

When I was surfing the web I had tons of e-mails that needed to be responded to days earlier. God, since when did graduating become such a big deal? And why do we have 3-4 different meals during "senior week"? With gas being as high as it is, I'm most likely not going to be driving that far just to get some food.

I finally put together the lawn mower we purchased from Lowe's a month ago and got around to mowing our field this morning. I call it a field as the "real grass" is few and far between the numerous patches of crab grass and weeds. I think we also have some hay sprinkled in there as well - so we won't call it a lawn, just the field.

I've also hand washed both cars (something that gets really hard to do when living in an apartment) and actually waxed my car (never done in the last 6 years I've owned it). I'm tired, but it's a good kind of tired that's not associated with the whole process of moving. I'm really over that fatigue.

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tracy said...

I totally agree, moving truly sucks! i think we have moved about 6 times in our 21 year, fun!