Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, Okay Then

Received my schedule for the ER last night. It's not bad - i.e. no call and nothing more than 12 hours at a time with several days off - but it made Wife make one comment.

"You're sleep schedule is going to be all fucked up. You know that, right?"

She was referring to the accurate identification that I have shifts all over the place - including one that ends at 4am. One day I'll be working in the morning/afternoon then come back to the overnight, then back again. It's easy to see how my body is going to try and revolt over this.

But whatever. It's internship - and this is probably the best schedule I'm going to have all year. Plus everything that I thought would happen hasn't - like starting out on call, in the ICU, and working July 4th weekend. Thinking that these were inevitabilities they haven't happened. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

When I did my EM externships, my sleeping and eating schedules were so messed up that I lost 10 lbs (7% of my body weight) in two months.

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