Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bad Day

Ever have one of those days were everything just doesn’t go your way? I had that yesterday, which resulted in me almost plowing my car into a light pole just to end the misery. Not really, but you get the point – no, I AM NOT suicidal, just maniacal. My car was almost hit 4 times either leaving my apartment or during the morning rush hour, I realized I'd forgotten my study materials and had to turn around when I was almost to the school, I had computer issues all day long resulting in low test scores (I hope it was because of this), and was stuck in traffic from 6pm-7pm because it fucking rained when I tried to get home.

Because I was so stressed I had a clove cigarette while sitting in the rain for the first time in while. My car door was soaked, but it helped - a little (and don't get going on the dangers of smoking here; I've had this clove pack for almost 4 months now so I really don't think I'm in much danger of cancer or COPD!).

To top the day off, while trying to get something to eat for dinner last night I completely annihilated the package of shredded cheese I was fighting to open and was forced to spend about half an hour cleaning up the mess. And, to add insult to injury, when I truly needed a beer we had none in the fridge. GOD!

My friend told me that she feels I need some counseling. Most likely anger management based on her response to a story I regaled her with while we waited to hear about applying for residency. I guess damn near throwing a pen into the wall because you’re computer’s internet connection is fucking around with you while taking practice tests is not “normal” Hmm, who knew?


> ScutMonkey said...

Dude, we are SO in the same place. It is funny that a friend recommend you get some counseling because about a week ago my ex (a pediatrician) said the same to me. She said I was lower than she had ever seen me and she was worried! I listened to her pretty hard and made some changes. Things are getting better, but I needed some help to refocus. Still, I understand it. Some days you want to scream and kick and yell. I have never been so negative in my life it seems and I hate seeing how much anger wells up in me sometimes. There are days I don't recognize myself. There are always challenges ahead, but this is the last pitch of this climb! (check my latest post)

MonkeyGirl said...

I love that y'all are so good at confirming my decision not to pursue med school. Ever.

Old MD Girl said...

Some days are just like that. Maybe you DO need counseling, but if you go, make sure you know what you want to get out of it first, and don't be afraid to switch therapists if you feel you're not getting anywhere with the first one.

I've considered relaxation training in the past and CBT. I just feel that sometimes if you can learn to think about things differently, they won't seem so bad.

But of course, I'm happy now so I don't feel like I need it.

Plus, what are you stressed out about anyway, MSG? You're going to rock Step 2's and the hard part of med school is mostly over!

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

It was just a bad day and I'm kinda stressed about residency apps. As far as counseling goes - hey, I'm going to be a doc in a year, I'm going to do what most docs do and avoid the issue. I can deal.

Double Headed said...

Ha... My friend another day suggested counselling to me too! I will pass on the offer though, 'cause I am pretty sure I will feel hell'of'lot better in 3 and a half weeks.
As I was driving home last night at 1 am, I was cursing that all liquor stores are closed, I have no alcohol in the house, and there is no way in hell I can weak somebody up to go for a drink. But, I am OK, I am OK...

It will pass, MSG... Once the exam is done, life will look so much better. Just try not to kick anyone in the mean time.

Parameddan said...

Hell, sounds normal to me.

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