Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wife Sayings I

I think I'm going to write down some of the little sayings that Wife hits me with every now and then - mostly when I'm studying a lot or away from the house more than usual. So, here's the first installment:

Late last night I headed down to the apartment work-out room to get in some much needed exercise (I’d missed 3 days in a row after being so good for 3 months and felt terrible about it). Upon entering the building I was instantly floored with very hot, humid, and foul smelling air. The air conditioner was apparently not working and the bathrooms (most likely the mens - why can't guys flush a damn urinal?) emanated the lovely sickly-sweet smell of hot urine. Lovely.

However, this did not deter me. I was driven to get in at least 45 minutes and proceeded to do so and more. I almost quit when, drenched with sweat from head to toe, the water cooler was out of cups and the drinking fountain’s cooling mechanism was apparently also on the fritz, giving me hot nasty water for a refreshing drink. But I persisted.

Afterwards I told Wife about the experience and how miserable I was since I’m more prone to sweating here in the damn South. Her reply?

Snarkly: “Well, no one forced you to stay there!”

Tough love.


Liz said...

i give my husband the tough love too after he comes home from playing his soccer games with a different injury each week. At first i was sympathetic but now i just tell him he's getting old and it's his own fault. muhahahaha

Old MD Girl said...

My husband is a wuss too. When we run together it always, "Oh, my legs hurt, oh my back hurts, I'm tired, has it been 25 minutes yet?" I just tell him that he'll never get any better if he doesn't push himself. And that he's a big wuss. Hee hee!

It sounds like you're making progress with your workout regimen, though. Nice job!

Nathaniel said...

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