Saturday, July 28, 2007

Take That

Step 2 CK. Wow, that hurt. 6 hours, 8 blocks of 46 questions, and a desire to urinate several times throughout. What the hell happened to my bladder's normally huge capacity?

Anyway, I took 2 breaks - one for a whopping 3 minutes for the aforementioned issue, and one to eat and again take care of the issue - that took 10 minutes - and was able to complete a 9 hour exam with 3 hours to spare. Nice.

I hope I did well. I'm confident that I passed the thing, but I've already figured out a couple questions that I fucked up - the brain stopped thinking about block 5 and I had to keep trying to refocus my energies. Not fun. By the end I was ataxic and my eyes were so myopic I had to sit in my car for 10 minutes before I felt safe to drive. No, really. I had lost all peripheral vision and everything greater than 6 inches in front of me was a blur.

Interestingly though, I saw an upperclassman who matched in Anesthesia this year taking the exam. He was supposed to be in New York for both his prelim and advanced, but here he was, in my testing center, taking Step 2. At least it looked like he was. Whatever he was doing it wasn't where he was supposed to be. I know that he'd been behind and was running hard to graduate; he hadn't taken the exam before he matched, so who knows what could have happened.

I hope he didn't fail, lose his residency, and have to take the test again along with submitting to the match again this year. That would suck donkeyballs. I didn't talk to him because I just didn't want to know - and I was first done by a mile. I thought about staying to see what was up, but I decided I'd rather not hang around that ghetto area -get jacked, yo.

So, Step 2 CK: TAKE THAT! Time for a brain break. 4th year starts Monday!


> ScutMonkey said...

Congrats on having that behind you! Enjoy 4th year! I have 2 days until my Step 1 and am really looking forward to the many mojitos I will deserve afterwards! -SM

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Congrats on being done!!!!

Liz said...


Double Headed said...

WOOHOO!!! Damn you MSG! You are SO DONE!!! I am so envious! Are you for real starting 4th year on Moday? Whoa. Not a breather? I hope you are partying this weekend... hee haa!

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pinkie said...

That's awesome dude! You're finally done! Yehey!!! It's smooth sailing from now on, you lucky bastard you =P