Thursday, July 12, 2007


After receiving a few comments regarding my last Wife Speak post I grew rather paranoid. What if Wife does read this (unlikely, but still)? What if she were to find out about this blog and read it? It just made me nervous especially with some of the comments being left, so I decided that I would delete the last post entirely. It was kinda mean anyway which was not something I was meaning to convey. We're just having a rough patch again and that came out harsher than I'd intended. If I decide to continue the Wife Speak it will be funny sayings that demean me and not a means to get something off my chest.


Weekday Update (cheesy I know): My Kaplan questions have improved fairly well and I'm feeling a lot better about my test date. I might move it a week up just to avoid losing some brain power while on my first week of Anesthesiology rotation (hurrah!), but like you care. I added the Step 2 CK update on the side of this blog in case you wonder how it's going. I've stopped contemplating suicide at this point which is a fairly good thing.

On another, completely off-topic topic, first year medical students stink. Sorry, but they do. They're not even in full-blown anatomy mode yet and already they have procured the stink of cadavers. Nasty little freshies. I wonder if there's ever been studies conducted on the decline in personal relationships during the first semester of medical school. Apart from the long hours and adjustment disorders that develop I imagine the ever present smell in a loved one's hair/ clothing/ skin would put a halt on any budding relationship. Thankfully I was married so I didn't experience too much of that.

I think Sparky, my kid's fish, is going to die today. He's not looking too good right now. We received him as a gift from Wife's supervisor after we tended her Betta for a week and a half. Sparky is a red Betta we've had for a couple weeks and he's been doing rather well up till yesterday. I changed his water last night, but he was acting funky. He wouldn't eat and this morning had the distinct look of a fish about to end this world. He swims down to the bottom of the bowl like he's lost or will just hover on the side without moving. Sometimes he atually starts to turn sideways, like he's going belly-up.

Daughter told me that he was "stuck". I think he's dying. I hope not, but he's not eaten at all since yesterday morning and is just acting funky. I may need to buy a replacement quickly.


Old MD Girl said...

Don't know if you already did this, but maybe filling the tank with bottled water rather than tap might help with the fish. Sometimes tap water has Cl- and other things that can make fish sick.

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

We have stuff that's supposed to make the tap water "safe for you Betta fish". He's not had a problem before. If he makes it out of this I might just do that though.

Liz said...

How does your wife NOT know about your blog? Do you write it in a secret room in your house? That's crazy. My husband and i only have 1 laptop btwn the 2 of us so there aren't many secrets kept --he knows all about my SNOOD addiction.

The Girl said...

Poor fish - it may be too late for this one, but perhaps for next time, I thoroughly recommend getting a : good filter; decent sized tank; heater (if they need constant temp - fish get sick quickly if their tank varies by more than a few degrees in a day, and this gets really bad when it is a small tank); and maybe even a light. Some smaller tanks have all of these things built in.

(Sorry if you are familiar with all of this, I don't know how much you are familiar with your fish!) I also think that changing more than 30% of the water at a time is a bad idea, as it cleans out all of the good bacteria that are helping keep the water non-toxic for your little finned friend.

Also, you have to be VERY careful about the pH and water hardness, particularly with regards to tap water vs bottled water - sometimes the pH/hardness change will knock them around more than the deactivated chemicals in the water ager that you put in to neutralise your tap water.

There are some good sites on the web (and forums) if you want to set up a tank where your fish live long-term. Many fish have a natural life-span of at least 5 to 10 years, but sadly because they don't get set up in appropriate tanks, they don't quite make it more than a couple of months. :(

(If you can't tell, I love my fishies . . .)

Parameddan said...

Yea, I found out my wife reads my blog. Not such a big deal because I haven't ranted about her but for some reason it's still weird.I even feel a little apprehensive about bloging now.