Monday, July 16, 2007

The Eyes Don't Have It

I’ve hit a rut in my Step 2 studying. Ophtho keeps kicking my ass because 1) I don’t give a shit about the eye, 2) eyes are gross, 3) I never-EVER listened to the ophtho people who lectured during surgery, and 4) I’ve avoided studying this material because it pisses me off (I get mad when I study something that doesn’t interest me in the least). Therefore my latest exam demonstrates a large abundance of ophthalmology related questions resulting in a 64%. Bastards.

Seriously though, I’ve already peaked on my studies and am now irritable, bored, unmotivated, and all the other dangerously stupid things that happen with studying too much without tremendous improvement. Based on a Step 2 estimator I’ve been using I’m in the 230-240 range, but there’s a confidence interval of 14 points. Eh, whatever.

I know I’ve improved a lot, but then I have tests that are in the 60’s again (at least not in the 50’s anymore) and I lose motivation. So I keep plugging along, reading and taking tests only to see my performance remain stagnant. I think I’m going to move my test up a week rather than risk the loss of intellect that may happen during the first week of my Anesthesia rotation. I have to first check the available dates out first, though, to see if I can actually do this.

I also feel bad because a good friend of mine is getting married in September, but is having a bachelor's party this weekend that I'm unable to got to because of this exam. I haven't seen many of the guys who'll be there since I moved out here 7 years ago and it just sucks to not be able to be there for a friend. I can't even get to his wedding because I'll be on an away rotation that I fought hard to get.

Goddamn test.


> ScutMonkey said...

I am SO with you on this. It is hard to really focus and learn when you could care less about the material you are staring at in hopes the neurons will somehow retain a feeble electrochemical imprint of some obscure zebra.

As a future ED physician, I am absolutely sure that I will have no need to ever know subtelties of how a SNRP helps you to remove lariat structures from your RNA transcripts. Thank you Step 1 for helping me to erase the neurons responsible for my friend's names and birthdays to make room for this stuff...

Ahh.... venting session complete. Thanks.

The Lone Coyote said...

For what it is worth, I had very few optho q's on my exam, but TONS of them when doing USMLEWorld. I know nothing about the eye because it was only in our curriculum as emailed modules we got once a month that no one read. Move up your exam and go for it. It sounds like you have reached that point in the studying where it is just time to be done. Good luck.

A girl said...
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Double Headed said...

Oh poor you... I have no clue what this exam is all about, but I know that once you hit that point when nothing retains any longer, you just have to bite a bullet and write the stupid thing. I am sure there were times in the past when you felt like you are totally screwed for an exam (please tell me it's not just me) and did just fine at the end. You are smart guy, otherwise you would not have been where you are, you have studied, and therefore you'll be fine. So stop torturing yourself, do not delay it... Just write it. You'll be fine.