Friday, July 20, 2007


I hate baseball. Sorry to all the fanatics out there, but I’ve never been a fan of games that go hours on end, have very little action, and the players act like they’re working really hard when all it seems like they do is sit on their fat asses. The only thing worse about baseball is having nothing to really listen to on sports radio or ESPN in the summer besides the “plays of the week” that essentially just mean watching guys hit balls and actually run – might be one of the reasons that baseball players always seem to look so “chunky” to me.

Of all the things about baseball I hate, Barry Bonds and what he stands for take the cake. Here is someone that, by all accounts, is a major dick. He treats people like subordinates, believes he’s above the law, and cheats like hell to get accolades. Unfortunately it seems that he’s about to break the home run record held by Hank Aaron, the polar opposite of Bonds.

Where Bonds is a crybaby, a nancy-boy, and all around class-less piece of dogshit who has to use illegal enhancements to do anything, Aaron endured some of the worst racism and scare tactics in order to accomplish his achievement. Aaron’s record has held strong for an incredibly long time, making it one of the best known sports records out there. Aaron's dogged determination and spirit sent a message about perseverance, strength, and character. It should be broken by someone with the same traits.

Unfortunately that does not seem to be. Bonds will most likely break the record this year after hitting 752 and 753 yesterday making him 2 shy of tying and 3 away from breaking the record. Of course he had to “rest” first before he could break out of a hitting slump. I guess standing around in the outfield, sitting in the dugout, throwing a baseball, and swinging a bat are just too much for this guy. Sounds like really hard work to me.


Parameddan said...

Alright, you pissed me off when you commented about baseball. But, I do agree that bonds is the last person I would like to see on the record books for generations to come.

Great blog, keep up the writing.

Old MD Girl said...

I hate baseball too. And now it's not even a real sport anymore.