Friday, July 13, 2007

Phobias and Phish

Today is Friday the 13th. The second superstitious day this year that I’m aware of - since I had to learn the psychiatric name for fear of Friday the 13th in order to avoid a very long and tedious training session on its origins during my Psych rotation in April. BTW, do you know what that name is? Major kudos to whomever guesses correctly first.

Anyway, now that we've those formalities out of the way I will let you know that Sparky died. Wife took care of him after I called to alert her to the possibility of a traumatic evening if Daughter found him, but unfortunately he succumbed. We had to purchase another fish in order to appease Daughter's sense of disbelief that her fish had died as she held fast to her notion that a simple visit to the doctor and some miraculous medicine were all that was needed to cure her fishie. Poor girl, poor fish.

Now that I've officially killed off one fish I’m going to take the many suggestions given freely on the last post (thanks) and try to keep from committing fish murder again. Personally I hate fish as pets; simply because they’re so hard to care for and many people have varying ideas on what to do to keep them healthy while the damn swimmers just inevitably die no matter what we do! I need something hearty, that won’t die, and is easy to take care of - like a lobster!*

* Name this Disney movie and you're a superstar! If you have kids you'll have a better chance.


Old MD Girl said...


Old MD Girl said...

Ooh, that's just a fear of the #13.

Anonymous said...


thestoryofhealing said...

The answer is in my post for today! :-) Anyway, anonymous beat me to it already. So it doesn't count.

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Anon wins, but I can't handout kudos to anonymous people. Basically you're like ghosts - maybe you're real, but if I can't see you I can't say for sure.

Any takers on the movie?

Old MD Girl said...

Sebastian in The Little Mermaid?

You do know that you could Wikipedia the Friday the 13th thing, right?

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...


Yeah, I figured people would use their resources. It's kinda hard to monitor for that.

And it's not Sebastian or the Little Mermaid (although my daughter LOVES that movie).

Anonymous said...

Taking a guess the lobster Gotchu from Leroy and Stitch??


MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Damn Julie, right close. It's not Leroy and Stitch, but since you're the closest I'll give the major kudos. It was actually Lilo and Stitch when they're in the pound area looking to buy a dog and Lilo says "Like a lobster". Anyways, you can really tell I spend way to much time watching children's videos.

Anonymous said...

its a greek word, actually it is friday(paraskeyi)+thirteen(dekatria)+phobia(greek word too) all put together.
i am really lycky being Greek since most words in medicine are of greek origin,makes things much easyier to understand and remember

Greek medic