Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ever Curious

I’m going to write a review of one of my movies I’ve recently viewed - Eastern Promises - because I’ve got to ask something.

Usually I think that Viggo Mortensen does a great job and Naomi Watts has been quite good in some recent films. However, despite the movie being pretty interesting I’m wondering where we’re going with R rated flicks.

This is based on the high degree of nudity, sexually explicit scenes, and description of rape that the movie seemed to center around. I honestly felt like I was watching soft-core porn at sometimes and the pseudo-homoerotic naked steam-room fight sequence was a little more than I wanted to see. Beyond these troubling scenes I felt the movie was quite well done and could have garnered a 4 or 5 rating, but the overtly X-rated feel that encompassed a great deal of the film forced me to lower it down to 3/5. I just can't overlook the feelings I got watching.

So, with that being said I'd like to ask: are we getting to the point where R will soon by X? Is it necessary to show such extremes when trying to make a statement about criminal behaviors? For whatever the reason I think that some filmmakers are pushing the limits on what should be shown. I wasn’t prepared for what was shown at points and it sure as hell wasn’t comfortable watching that with Wife.


Old MD Girl said...

Hm. Having not seen the movie I can't really opine.... but will anyway.

Was "the feeling" you're describing arousal? If so, then you're talking about porn. Was the POINT of the scene to make you feel uncomfortable? I've seen a bunch of movies like that (Boys Don't Cry for one), where the point of the scene is to make you cringe. It's probably not porn though.

But point taken about ratings inflation. Personally, I find the violence depicted in many PG and PG-13 movies really disturbing. There's so little sex in most movies today that I've seen anyway, it's pretty much a non-issue for me.

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Not arousal - just uncomfortable. Especially with the full frontal nudity during a fight scene - quite weird.

Old MD Girl said...

Male full frontal? What movie was that again?

hehe just kidding.

Scot said...

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