Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random pics

A picture of the jack-o-lanterns that we carved while Wife's parents were here. And yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper on the table. We didn't have newpaper and this worked awesomely. I would recommend it - no leak through at all.

And here is the driver's side door handle on my car. Broke off a while ago during winter - just popped right off when I pulled on it in the morning. Lovely. I just absolutely love this vehicle (sarcasm - in case you couldn't tell). Everything has fallen off, broken, or just looks bad. Everything that is except the engine. 125,000 miles and it's running great. I hope to get 4 more years out of it for residency purposes. If not then I'm buying a clunker - no more new cars for a while. It's been nice not having a car payment.

BTW: this car is almost 6 years old. I drive a lot - especially when I was working and going to undergrad - over 100+ miles roundtrip 7 days a week for 1.5 years! I think that's where most of the miles were added on initially.

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