Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Saga Continues...

Please indulge me for the moment...lots of talk about interviews, residency apps, and other boring items that most people wouldn't give a shit about. But I do, so there.

Thanks to a certain anon commenter I’m freaking out now!

Seems like everyone on SDN has 50 interviews already.

I hadn’t delved into the world of SDN’s Anesthesia forums yet – for this interview season. I’d read a little here and there prior, but hadn’t taken a gander since submitting my application.

Now seeing how many people have interviews, where they’re getting them, and the fact that I’m sitting on just one for an Anes program and one for a prelim year has really shaken me.

Thankfully we only had a half day today so I was able to go to the school and talk with the registrar’s office. They assured me (heard that before, but I’ll bite again) that they’d get the issues taken care of before the week was out.

It just scares me to see that a couple programs I’m interested in already have 10-15 SDN members with interview invites. How many more have they offered interviews to? I'm getting cut out here because of my school.

I’m competitive, with good Step scores, a very high GPA, but still continue to wait because my school likes to play turtle.

In this race the hare wins – every time.


Anonymous said...

You'll be FINE.I was in your shoes last year at this time reading the passive aggressive emails on SDN about " MGH ! " and " UCSF ! " interviews. I matched and all is well. Good Luck to you and enjoy fourth year.

Old MD Girl said...

Whatever MSG, it's your blog and you can talk about what you want. I'm sure people are tired of hearing about how much I hate renal, and how irritating 22 year olds can be sometimes, but I'll complain anyway. Because that's what blogs are for.

Old MD Girl said...

PS -- You'll be fine.

MSG said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. After posting this I received about 3 more invites with 2 being in Anesthesia so I felt a lot better. I've spoken with some classmates trying to match in other competitive fields who've not received any invites to date and are very competitive candidates - which helped ease me down as well.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear the interviews are coming in. so i emailed "our" registrar and they emailed me back saying the transcripts were forwarded to the Dean's office, but they, of course, did not tell me when it was forwarded. so i log onto ERAS to see if the transcripts have been uploaded and, GASP, they have not been.

i know they told you that it would be "taken care of" by the end of the week. so it's friday, any luck with your transcript being uploaded?

-frustrated classmate

MSG said...

After checking ERAS I was shocked to see that it's on there today. Amazing.