Monday, October 22, 2007

Here We Go Again

AOA nominations were sent out about 2 weeks ago. For the 2nd year in a row I was nominated and have to turn in the last of my information today since Friday no one was in their office due to a “mandatory” reception (which I ditched out on, of course). I asked 2 different faculty members for their letter of support and altered my essay from last year in hopes to make me look more appealing. I was feeling good about my election until I read an e-mail.

Yesterday the class of 2008 was asked to “vote” and comment on whom they feel should be elected into AOA. Goddammit.

Unfortunately I no longer have the events of my first nomination, but if you can remember, back in March I was freaking out about my class voicing their opinions on our AOA candidacy. This is based on several factors, but the fact that I ran for an executive office in our class 2 years in a row and was soundly defeated each year did not lend itself to a feeling that my class was enamoured with me. Since I had contact with limited people last year I hope some of those feelings have lessened - maybe.

Personally I find it stupid that the class gets to vote at all for an honors society. There are people who hold grudges, don’t like people for various reasons, and are vindictive assholes who can make you look bad with their comments.

From what I’ve heard there are 8 slots open this year with 16 nominees, some from last year, but many new. I’m glad to see that one of my friends who wasn’t nominated last year was on the list, but saddened to see another nominated last time absent this year. I don’t know why he was dropped, but I think he is a helluva lot better than a couple students nominated.

Anyways, hoping for a better outcome and my class to be kinder to me this year.


Old MD Girl said...

Ah, popularity contests. And who said med school wasn't like junior high?

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree on a couple of the suspect candidates this year. Like C&C Music Factory said, "Things that make you go HMMM"