Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My transcript was uploaded last week. This week I've already received more than double what I'd seen for the last month after submitting my ERAS application. Currently I'm sitting on 7 Anesthesia interviews and 3 preliminary interviews. I have a feeling the prelims will be waiting for the Dean's letter more since they cater to highly competitive fields like the ROAD specialties (Rad, Ophtho, Anes, Derm).

What has been amazing to me, after getting excited about yet another invite, is the complexity of scheduling. No one seems to work together very well, programs that are in within 100 miles of each other don't have dates close together, and some programs only have 3-4 days that they interview at all. It's crazy, confusing, and wonderfully unknown.

I plan on most being in December, if I can, since that's my month off. Wife might not like the conflict with her work schedule, but there's not much I can do - it's the time of year that interviews are offered. Don't hate the player - hate the game.

I think I'll accept a couple more Anesthesia invites and 3-4 more prelim positions before beginning to decline. It's just going to be too expensive if I do more than that - plus that should be a decent amount to get a good rank list.

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