Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here are the promised pictures from my last rotation.

This is a view of the hospital from the foothills of a mountain directly behind it (great for hiking after a long day). The city center is located beyond the building - obviously not a huge thriving metropolis.

The car that I was loaned to get to and from the hospital. Clearly a white trash magnet ( not to mention a crash magnet - I had one accident and several almost-hits while driving this - it was totalled a week after I left)! My typical drive. I can't believe that people wake up to these everyday. Amazing. And yes, I was being careful while taking this picture - only doing 80...jeez!

A not so pleasant view from the back of a 48 seater airplane that took me on the last leg of my trip back home. The two "modestly proportioned" individuals had to be moved to a more "spacious" seat.

I have more, but most of them are rather personal or have me in some compromising position (drinking, acting stupid) I'm not going to post those. Plus it took a rather long time getting these on here - so I'm not in the mood to sit and wait anymore.


Old MD Girl said...

Hmmmm.... that wasn't Boulder by any chance was it? I've been trying to convince my husband that we just HAVE to live there, but alas there is nobody in his industry in the area. He might just have to found his own company.

Julia said...

Clicked on a few links to find this and I normally am a lurker, but these pictures made me stop to comment. Man, I miss home. I'm in the midwest now, with no mountains, and I miss that view. *sniff*

I won't ask you what you thought of the program, but I really loved going to med school there, so I hope it gets on your rank list!

K. said...

The view around here just can't be beat, can it?

There are many great things about our city: the trafic (none), the streets (laid out in grids), our awesome mountains. Not to say that the city doesn't have a boatload of problems, but some parts of it are definitely awesome.

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